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So it'll seem like I'm obsessed with Ash :P

Ash are doing a show in Dublin on the 20th March. I entered a competition to win tickets, without checking if I could actually go. Just my bad luck, I won tickets.

And I can't go. There's no way I could get down and back (can't sort accommodation for other reasons) the same night.


Oh well, if I keep myself busy on Saturday night I won't dwell on it. They were super lovely about it too :)

I'm not sure who was kind enough to give me 2 months of paid account time, but whoever you are, you are lovely!

While I'm at it, Happy Christmas f-list! I hope everything's good with you. I should post more, but AS Levels are full of fail.

Laura :)

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Today was awful. To be honest, the past few weeks have been pretty crap...no sleep, feel sick half the time, 'friends' are being tosspots...nothing new really.

My fellow Nirish music fanboy is back from Cambridge, we've been to see Snow Patrol, then ASIWYFA and then Oppenheimer just before Christmas :) Eddie Izzard this Saturday with my family too. should be nice.

Bloody AS levels though, have a mock tomorrow and a mock on Tuesday, then exams after Christmas; plenty of study leave, though, and my work experience placement :3 I'm doing 2 days shadowing in a paediatrics intensive care unit in January, and possibly a few days at a local promoter in June. That's if I haven't given up by then, school is so shit these days.

My life is average.

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What's up-date

Haven't posted since that big Ash related ranty post. Well...I tweeted @ashofficial yesterday...and Oh My Days I got a reply. There's a potential all ages Belfast show in the spring. Which is yay in itself, but omg I got a reply! :D

In the real world, I'm doing fine. Winter's a bit hard to adjust to...really if the moon's still up it's still time to be in bed :(

I have to learn to knit again, though. Young Enterprise group, huzzah. Early mornings, sekrit product development, breaktime sales meetings... My company takes everything so seriously. It's amusing.

Seriously though. I got stuck on my ICT coursework today, had the teacher take a look at it...she told me what I was stuck on was beyond A Level, so she didn't help me D:

I enjoy my classes...they're just not what I really want to do. I get pointed looks from the careers teachers every so often. "that's a very difficult career to get started in..." IT'S A RECESSION. Wow >.>
I know, I sound very snippy, but they grind my gears.

I'm tired of being told that I'm not good enough, by people that barely know me; I know they have to be cautious because you can't just say someone's going to get their dream job straight out of uni...but a bit of faith and positivity would be smashing.
So would friends that aren't attention seeking and two faced...or overly clingy. Or wannabe counsellors.

Oh, woe. :P

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Rant times!

Specifically about Ash. They haven't come to Northern Ireland for ages, and when they do? Their gig is over-18s only.

For. Fuck's. Sake.

It's kind of ironic, given that Tim's been so supportive of Oh Yeah, which was specifically meant so that under 18s could see more gigs. I know it's harder to make money on all ages gigs, but they could've done a show at the Ulster Hall and I'm sure it would've still been popular, if people want to see the band, not just get drunk at Katy Daly's. I feel like a whiny self centred brat just saying this, but they are my favourite band, so...yeah. :(

I mean...I still love them to bits, but I really really hope they're still touring in two years time. You can never really tell with bands, what they're going to do. :( :( :(

And my 'best friend's' party last night...oh, Internet! Why are people such wab-ends?

No wonder they call it a career.

The word for a job is the same as the word for a journey that's a bit manic. I also hate my careers class; the teacher barely knows me, but pretends we're BFFs only to be condescending if anyone starts talking about doing something they like for a living.
I don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I'd like to do medicine, or law, or youth work, or ICT/programming. I don't know which one to choose; I'm not too worried just yet, I've got another year til UCAS start hounding me...

My ICT teacher's also a twerp; initial draft coursework deadline is this Monday - she missed classes, meaning very few people actually know what to do. I've done the bit she asked for, but I can't help others (even though I want to) because a. time pressure and b. I've done everything in a stupidly complex way that works, but only makes sense to me and twerp woman. But the class itself is lovely, and fulfils my RDA of geekiness. I also want to learn HTML & CSS, but we'll see how that goes because I do have three other subjects to do, and 2 committees, and doing mentoring for firsties. Although learning a programming language would maybe help me see if this is just a hobby, or something worth doing a degree with.

And the majority of friends-who-aren't-asshats are all away at uni now. Still, most are coming home for Christmas, not too long to wait. I don't think I'll do Nanowrimo this year though, because I don't really need anything else on. I don't really want to go to bed, either...but I suppose I might as well.


The timer's at zero...

School started back today. Unfortunately I may have a chest infection, and as such, was slightly ded for the majority of the day. It was good though, I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, English Lit and ICT for AS Levels; I got 1 B, 6 As and 3 A*s at GCSE. I'm also doing Young Enterprise, and hoping to apply for the Charity Committee and firstie peer mentoring.
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I don't mean to complain, though. Things are going astoundingly well for the start of a new school year, and it'll be my time for Uni and all that when I'm old enough. It's not that long, anyway :3 I keep meaning to focus on the good things in life, but my mind keeps drifting to my ambitions and I get frustrated that everything's not happening fast enough.

Everything in its right place.


an excerpt

"Cats are pretty much tiny children though. I've spent the last half hour trying to get Winnie to stop throwing herself off the edge of things and poking at the computer; I turned my head for one second and she was munching away at a blueberry muffin, and then she fell asleep in one of the most awkward places ever...

...sprawled over the majority of my desk chair; I'm perched on the edge of it like an eejit. But i don't want to wake her by force, so I'm just playing Icelandic classical music somewhat loudly. That alone signifies that I am not cut out for parenting."

IM, this evening.

(Winnie's still asleep; the Sigur Ros continues.)


Summer so far.

Summer has been good, I'm currently drained because of about four eighteen-hour days, a full calendar for July and covering a DJ set at lunchtime; I got home at 2am. *ded*
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Writer's Block: Last Meal

What do you want your last meal to be?

Probably a curry; although that could change, just because I'm really craving it at the minute. A really nice korma, naan bread and onion bhajis...nom nom nom. Having said that, I'm having that tonight :P

Because...my exams are over! A month of 'orrible evil things is ovarrrr. Have given my revision textbooks to my younger friends, because it'll be them next year. French writing and physics. It went well enough, I was flummoxed by one physics question because I couldn't remember the formula to start it, then it popped up in my head with 2 minutes to go...I've never written so fast in my life, I'm telling you :P

Of course it's all okay now, but the results will be the real indication of mah brane skillz.

Tonight I'm slobbing out with a curry then Big Bang Theory S1. *blush* Tomorrow I'm sorting what can and can't be recycled or bunged off to charity shops; you really amass a tremendous amount of paper in two years. On Friday I'm going into Belfast for a picnic with friends, watching them get hammered and myself and Richard just lmao'ing at them.

After that, it's anything can happen summer... By later on I'll just be ready to collapse though, I've been all over the place today.